RITZ Instrument Transformers

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RITZ is one of the world´s leading specialists for Instrument Transformers, Cast Resin Applications, Cast Resin Insulated Busbar Systems and Cast Resin Insulated Power Transformers.

The Company dates back to 1904. Based in Hamburg, RITZ combines the expertise of RITZ Messwandler Hamburg (RITZ), Messwandlerbau Bamberg (MWB), RITZ Messwandler Dresden (TuR and Duromer) and Wandler- und Transformatoren-Werk Wirges (WTW).

RITZ boats seven production facilities across Europe, China and the United States of America. Customers include renowned companies from the fields of energy supply and electronics from all corners of the globe.


RITZ has a large portfolio. We develop your standard devices, using your specific wishes to create customized products. We provide small and large quantities, taking full advantage of our employees´ knowledge and motivation across all our locations.

Give us a challenge, we´ll give you the solution.


Finding the best solution together with our customers – that´s what the name RITZ stands for.