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duromerDUROMERS sphere of activity is the application of casting resins in the electrical industry for the production of casting resin isolations.

The company develops and formulates casting resin molding materials for electrical applications in the low and medium voltage range and for electronics. We sketch and produce casting resin-isolated devices and shaped parts for application in electrical energy engineering. In the engineering range we advise you with the material and procedure selection as well as with customized constructions.

Our enterprise specialized in the use of casting resins in the electrical industry. The main production departments of DUROMER are manufacturing of casting resin masses and their processing to isolators as well as the production of solid-isolated electrical devices.

A general overview of the casting resin systems on PU basis, produced by DUROMER, is available here for download. For further information please contact us via E-mail or telephone.

Product Overview

What are Duromere?

The group of the thermosetting polymers, often also called Duromere, contains plastics, which solidify by chemical reaction. They react usually with a polyaddition and interlace to a spatially close lattice from macromolecules, which lends its high mechanical firmness to the thermosetting polymer. This hardening by means of structural change of the molecule is not reversible.

Thermosetting polymers do not know a softening range, the material keeps also at high temperatures its firmness and has a high thermostability. Thermosetting polymers are characterised by its hardness and rigidity. The small coefficient of expansion brings a high measure stability. Also the behaviour in case of fire of thermosetting polymers is favourable.

Business Activities

Consultation for the production of casting resin parts and resin masses

We give advice on designing casting resin parts, the construction of electrical isolators and the tools necessary for production. Producer-independently we recommend the casting resins suitable for your products and its optimal processing techniques. Also we grant our knowledge for choosing the right machines.

Development up to series production

We use our specialized knowledge for the development of casting resin shaped parts.
Also we accomplish development examinations to isolating abilities, freedom from partial discharges and the fulfilment of climatic demands.

Manufacturing of casting resin masses

The special prescription of the casting resins is the key to a quality product.

We evaluate the pro and cons of the different casting resin systems. The different components are mixed depending upon requirements. Both prescriptions are arranged for PU resin and epoxy resin systems. As well the ready-made casting resin masses are supplied.

DUROMER manufactures mainly on basis of PU and acts as system house partner the Bavarian material Science AG.

Technical equipment and laboratory technology

Technical equipment

  • Vacuum capping plants
  • Pressure gelling technology
  • Dissolver technology
  • Closing units
  • Mixing and dosing technology

Laboratory technology

With the help of our laboratory technology we secure the quality of the products. Among other things we accomplish the following analyses and measurements:

  • Thermal analysis
  • Viscosity measurements
  • Regulations of technological parameters like gel time and exothermic processes


Our casting resins apply within all ranges of electro-technology, particularly in the energy, high and medium voltage technology, the light and cable measuring technique as well as in the sensor and x-ray-technology.  We cooperate with companies like:

  • SEBA Hagenuk KMT
  • Siemens
  • Philipps
  • Elektrobau Oschatz
  • Electroshield Samara

Contact Us

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Telephone: +49 (35205) 62 140
Telefax: +49 (035205) 62 141