History RITZ Instrument Transformers

The parent-company was founded in Hamburg in 1945 by Dr. Hans Ritz.
The company soon gained considerable market strength in the field of High, Medium and Low Voltage Instrument Transformers.

In 1956 RITZ founded its first foreign subsidiary in the Austrian town of Marchtrenk, allowing for a significant increase in production capacities for Low Voltage Instrument Transformers.

In 1989 the Wandler- und Transformatorenwerk Wirges (WTW), whose tradition also dates back to 1945 was integrated into the RITZ-Group.
The first Cast Resin Instrument Transformers and Cast Resin Insulated Medium Voltage Power Transformers give proof of the innovative capacities of WTW.

To increase the sales activities on the American market RITZ built 1991 a modern factory for the production of High Voltage Transformers up to 765 kV in Waynesboro /Georgia/USA.

1991 / 1994
In 1991 RITZ acquired the section “Instrument Transformers” from the Transformatoren- und Röntgenwerk Dresden (TuR). TuR was founded in 1904 by Koch&Sterzel and can be called the nucleus of German Instrument Transformer engineering. In 1994 a new plant for Medium and Low Voltage Instrument Transformers was put into operation in Ottendorf-Okrilla outside Dresden.

In 1998 RITZ established a modern production site as a subcontractor in Kecskemét, strengthening the competitiveness of RITZ as well as the proximity to East European markets.

1999 / 2001
In 1999 RITZ purchased the medium voltage section of Messwandlerbau Bamberg (MWB). In addition to the know-how in the field of Medium Voltage Transformers, RITZ could acquire the section of Cast Resin Insulated Busbars. In 2001 a new production site was established in Kirchaich near Bamberg.

RITZ began operations in Shanghai in 2000, as a result being able to access the Chinese market. Today the Shanghai subsidiary produces components for Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers.

The sale of the “High Voltage Instrument Transformers” section allowed for
a concentration of engineering know-how in the fields of Medium and Low Voltage Instrument Transformers resulting in a strong market presence.

At present RITZ has over 800 staff members, each of them knowing that customer satisfaction is essential for secure jobs.

In 2009 RITZ established another factory for Medium and Low Voltage Transformers in Hartwell also Georgia / USA. The task of this plant is the production of special designs for the US and Canadian market.