Dr Ritz was already well known in the profession as an expert in instrument transformer development and as a technical executive of a major electro technology business when he created his own company on the 16 July 1945, in the first postwar year, energetically supported by his wife.The development and construction of new instrument transformer designs began. The first production facility was at his home; then in 1949 a bigger building was acquired and then in 1952 the present facilities. Production, test and research facilities were continuously developed.



In 1952, the first 400,000 volt German measuring transformers were ordered (for Sweden). The Austrian business was established in 1956. In 1964, permission was given for the erection of the EE 3 electrical test facility. In the meantime around 1.5 million measuring transformers were delivered worldwide, to 40 countries. About one third of all German measuring transformers are now produced by this Company.


The work in Marchtrenk in Austria was established in 1956. There was a staff of 18 and Mr Anton Fink was the works manager.

The first transformers were delivered to Germany, Hungary and Poland in 1958. Deliveries followed later to Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. The constantly growing order book, necessitated an extension of the production Installation.