History of the Low Voltage Section

1948 – 1949
Design of Bar-type Current Transformers and Wound -type Current Transformers.

Design of keyhole bushing (patent granted)

Design of Tube-type Transformers (patent granted)

1950 – 1959
Expansion of the range of housing sizes for a wide variety of applications

Introduction of Auxiliary Current Transformers

Introduction of Summation Current Transformers

Development of High Current Transformers

Development of Split-core Current Transformers

Development of Voltage Transformers for voltages from 100 up to 3600 V

Receipt of certificates of the “Physikalisch Technischen Bundesanstalt” in Braunschweig

1960 – 1969
Development of 3-phase Current Transformers for measuring purposes.

Development of 3-phase Current Transformers for bill/tariff metering

Development of D.C. Current Transformers with accessory device.

1970 – 1979
Current Transformers with secondary plug-in connections.

Clamp-type Current Transformers for supplementary mounting around bars or cables

Development of a damping inductance device against ferroresonance

1980 – 1989
Error Current Summation Transformer

Small Current Transformer for bill/tariff metering

Standard series for Current Transformers

Voltage circuit taps on Current Transformer Bars.

Transformer  –  protection device EMKR

1990 – 1999
Development of customized transformers for Siemens-plants

The “Blue Series”