Electronic Instrument Transformers and Sensors

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  • 30 years of Experience in the application of
    electronics in power engineering.
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  • Unconventional technologies for high reliability even in surroundings with strong interferences.
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Features, Technologies and Applications

Current Sensoric

  • Currents up to 24000 A
  • Accuracy of 0,01 %
  • Frequencies from 0 to 10 kHz

Voltage Sensoric

  • Voltages up to 90 kV
  • Accuracy of 0,2 %
  • Frequencies from 0 to 10 kHz


  • Modulation Process
  • Optic Fibre and Laser Technology
  • Self supporter
  • Digital Systems
  • Transformer principle
  • Hall effect
  • Compensation Method
  • Rogowski Coils
  • Krämer transformer
  • R divider, C divider


  • Power Engineering
  • Rail Transportation Power Supply
  • Electrochemistry
  • Environment Engineering
  • Research
  • Automobile Industry


Current Sensors


DC and AC Measuring Device

Data Sheet


The electronic DC transformer EMVI 401 ED allows exact, floating measurement of DC currents as for example in the control of magnetic fields in particle accelerators. 120 A DC are measured to a residual of less than 100 ppm (Class 0.01).

Data Sheet

EPOS 120

The electronic voltage sensor EPOS 120 is designed for application in medium and high voltage installations. The remote electronic is supplied with energy by optic fibre from the low voltage side. The Transmission of direct, alternating and pulsating voltage with large dynamics and wide range of frequencies is effected with high accuracy (Class 0.2) by optic fibre, too.

Voltage Sensors

DC and Voltage Sensor GSER 16

Voltage Divider

Data Sheet

Ohmic Voltage Sensor GSER 16

including Isolating Amplifier EGIW 804 AV

Data Sheet

DC and AC Measuring System EGIW 921

Electronic Voltage Transductor

Data Sheet

DC and AC Voltage Sensor GSER 52

Voltage Divider

Data Sheet

Block Type Multi Sensor

BlockkombisensorThe sensors provide signals for current and voltage measuring as well as voltage reference for electronic protection relays. The measuring functions are obtained by the following physical principals.

Current Measurement

Current measurement is effected by using a Rogowski coil. The sensor is short circuit proof and thermically resistant up to a defined persistent current.

Voltage Measurement

Voltage measurement is effected by using an ohmic voltage divider against the operating voltage. The high voltage divider is voltage impulse proof and resistant to high direct voltages (cable testing).

Voltage reference

For voltage reference there is a coupling electrode for connecting HR*, MR*, LR* and LRM * systems.

General Information

By default, block multi type sensors are equipped with shielded cables and coaxial connector with gilded pins for the signals of current and voltage measurement. In case a current signal is required for current measurement, a cable with current carrying capacity will be used for diversion The coupling electrode for voltage reference is carried on the right side next to the fully shielded secondary connecting terminal.

Commutation of the single measuring ranges is placed under the cover for cable bushing.

The current output (in case of integrated burden) as well as the voltage output can constantly be operated either in an open circuit or short circuited.

*HR = High Resistance *MR = Medium Resistance
*LR = Low Resistance *LRM = Low Resistance Modified